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Children, Infant

Rules for each airline are different. Infants who have not reached their 2nd birthday have 90% discount plus tax without seat, base on adult fare. Some airlines may be more or have no discount at all. Please check online for more information.
A passenger is a considered child if her/his age is between 2 and 11 years on the departure date (children who have reached their 2nd birthday but not their 12th birthday). Most airlines discount 25% off the adult fare plus tax. Taxes for children are the same as an adult. Please be advised airline staff will check the children’s age in the airport at checking time.
A child below the age of 16 travelling alone is considered an Unaccompanied Minor. Every airline has established their own rules and regulations regarding the reservations of unaccompanied minors. For reservations of unaccompanied minors, kindly contact us through email or our at 1- 877-600-5454 or 1-416-222-0717 for domestic and oversea call or e-mail us at We will book for you.
Most airlines allow unaccompanied children at or above a certain age to fly, though usually with several restrictions. Programs vary widely from airline to airline, and no two airlines will have the same polices, which is why we suggest you to contact us through email or phone.
A child is considered an infant from 0-24 months. You may travel with your infant in your lap. A separate ticket is required for every infant whether it’s in the guardians lap or in a separate seat. Depending on the destination, the airline may offer a discounted fare for the infant. When an adult travels with 2 infants, the adult may only hold ONE infant. An additional seat at the adult fare must be purchased for the 2nd infant and may require another adult. You may be required to provide proof of parent and guardian (such as a birth certificate or passport) at the airport for any children. Please visit the airlines website for their specific rules and regulations and child safety seats/stroller/bassinet information.