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Check-in information

For international flights, it is recommended to arrive at the airport and check-in at least 3 (three) hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. For domestic flights 2 (two) hours before departure is highly recommended.
Passengers without baggage can directly proceed to the boarding gate with their boarding passes produced by the Self Check-in kiosk. Passengers with baggage can go to a dedicated bag drop, where the baggage will be tagged by the agent and sent to the aircraft.
When packing, please remember that new Airline carry-on rules allow for only one standard size carry-on bag and one personal item such as purse, laptop computer, small book-type backpack or briefcase. The Airport Security requests that travelers do not lock their checked luggage. If your bag is locked and there is a need to inspect the bag, the locks will be removed by security. Airports security rules require passangers who have checked baggage to fly on the same flight as their checked bags. If you are checking your bags, be sure your name and contact information is on the outside and inside of each bag. If you're checking bags for a domestic flight, you should arrive at the airport two hours before departure. If you only have carry-on luggage, plan to arrive 90 minutes before departure. For international flights, it's recommended that you arrive at least three (3) hours before departure. Please do not forget your Identification card and your passports. Have your government-issued photo ID and passport available at all times, boarding pass, as well as a printed itinerary if you're traveling with an electronic ticket. It is advised that you reconfirm your flights at least 72hrs prior to departure directly with the airline to ensure that no last minute schedule changes have occurred. This can be done also by going online to and choosing the “My itinerary” option. Enter your booking reference number and your last name to check if your itinerary, date and time of your flight is still valid, remained the same from the original or has any schedule changes. You can also contact the airline to confirm your flight. If any problems arise contact the airline or call our office as soon as possible to solve the problem.
Online check-in is a service that airlines provide which allows passengers with an e-ticket to check in online before going to the airport. This can be done through the airlines online check-in web pages. Some airlines may allow online check-in and printing of your boarding pass of up to 24 hours in advance. You may need to go to Airline website for online/advance check-in.
Passengers can check-in and select the seat from 24 hours up to a few hours prior to the departure time according to the airline online facility and through airline online check-in web pages. Sometime you may not be able to check-in online. Thus you need to check-in in the airport